Set of 6 Spices
Set of 6 Spices Set of 6 Spices Set of 6 Spices

Can't decide which spice to try or are you wanting to try all of our spices? Buy all 6 as a perfect set for yourself or as a gift for someone else. 

Included in the set are:


1x 200g Billies & Tong Chilli Biltong Spice

1x 200g Billies & Tong Pink Salt Spice (No MSG)

1x 200g Kalahari Biltong Spice 

1x 200g Hunters Biltong Spice

1x 200g Freddy Hirsch Chilli Biltong Spice

1x 200g Freddy Hirsch Original Spice


Ingredients: FH Chilli Ingredients: Salt, Cereal (Maize), Mustard, Dextrose, MSG Flavour Enhancer (E621), Cumin, Chilli, Acidity Regulator (E330), Spice Extracts (Including Celery), Parsley, Flavour Enhancer (E635), Flavouring Irradiated IngredientsAllergens: Wheat Gluten, Soya Bean, Milk & Eggs.

Ingredients: FH Original Salt, Coriander, White Pepper, Dextrose, Sucrose, Ascorbic Acid, MSG Flavouring Enhancer, Cereal, Wheat Flour, Gluten-Triticum Eadtivum, Flavourings Irradiated Ingredients.Allergens: Wheat Gluten, Soya Bean, Milk, Eggs.

Ingredients: Hunters Spice Flavouring, Coriander, Salt, Sucrose, Pepper Black, Contains Genetically Modified Organisms, Irradiated Ingredients.Allergens: May Contain Wheat, Gluten, Soya Bean, Milk, Eggs.

 Ingredients: Flavouring, Sea Salt, Dextrose, Spices (irradiated) Preservative (Potassium Borate E202) Spice Extract. Conatins GMO. Not suitable for people with Wheat Gluten Soya Bean, Milk or Egg Allergy

 Ingredients:Billies & Tong Pink Salt Chilli Spice, Salt, Black Pepper, Coriander, Chilli Flakes, Bicarbonate Of Soda, Brown Sugar

Ingredients: Billies& Tong Pink Salt Spice Pink Salt, Black Pepper, Coriander, Bicarbonate Of Soda Brown Sugar. 

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