Billies and Tong

This bestseller for the past 20-something years is still the go-to book for anyone wanting to make their own biltong (strips of salted dried beef) and droëwors (dried sausage) in the timehonoured South African tradition. Buying these treats is rather expensive, so making one's own at home, without the need for complicated equipment, is a happy alternative.

In addition, there are recipes for using the meats in tasty dishes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Despite the title, the book also includes methods for curing and smoking other meats.

There are step-by-step instructions for making biltong, sausages (such as boerewors, droëwors, salami, and liver, pork and Russian sausages) and cured and smoked meats (such as hams, corned beef, Leipoldt ham and soutribbetjie (salt-pickled chops).